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Age-Friendly Community Committee

The Town of Humber Arm South is committed to becoming Age-Friendly. The Town has already started the process by creating an Age-Friendly Advisory Committee and by hiring a project manager. 


We will complete a needs assessment and develop an action plan that will help our town in becoming more age-friendly. Upon completion of this phase of the project, our town will have had consultations with residents and will have adopted policies/plans that have been reviewed using an age-friendly lens. We will identify any gaps in services, and policies, including all municipal plans and regulations, to ensure we become more inclusive, especially to our older adults. We will pass a council resolution to actively support and promote a truly age-friendly town. We will establish a robust and concrete action plan that responds to the needs identified by our community assessment. And we will demonstrate our commitment to action by publicly posting the action plan.


The Advisory Committee consists of:

  • 2 members of the 50+ Club

  • 1 Council representative

  • 1 Recreation Committee representative

  • 1 BCNWA representative

  • 3 Members at Large (Seniors)

  • 1 Caregiver of a senior


For more information on the Age-Friendly Communities program, please click here

To view the Age Friendly Assessment Report, click here.

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