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Local Arts & Crafts

There are many talented arts and crafts people in the area that do painting, furniture making, beadwork, and many of the traditional crafts of knitting and sewing.

Two artists that work in several areas of the arts are Marilyn Bruce and Norah McCarthy. Both do individual pieces and in the last six years have worked together to do classes with the children and adults in the area.

Marilyn and Norah are hoping to develop an online presence in the future and are currently displaying some of their work at the Salt Box Restaurant.  

Marilyn and Norah are working with clay, Marilyn is also working with local clay found in the area and has created pieces from clay found on Woods Island and Benoit’s Cove.

Glass is another area that both have been exploring, using a kiln, they are creating glass jewelry, wall art pieces, and free-standing work.

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