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Families participating in community roadside cleanup

Jesse and Kaci Kennedy along with their grandparents Maureen and Roger Parsons picking up roadside litter and garbage from the beautiful beach in John's Beach to Bayview Club. Kathleen Ledrew completed Russell's Road to end of Hillview Road. Justin Brake and his daughter completed Gulf Drive to Wildwood Road. Roxanne Revalls is completing Halfway Point sign to main Crockers Road. Lisa Thomas completed Crockers Road to the top of the hill. Sabrina Kean will be completing from Graveyard Road to top of the hill on Route 450.

Join in the clean up and submit your names for one of the six gifts valued $50.00.

Please call 789-2981 to register for a section, there are several areas still needing to be picked up. Thank you on behalf of all residents, an environmental clean town is beautiful.

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