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New Website Reveal

We are pleased to reveal our new and improved town website. The site includes basic information relevant to residents of our town, visitors, and businesses.

Residents will find information relevant to living in the Town of Humber Arm South, such as municipal plans, budgets, various programs, recreation, schools, etc. The new site also accepts online applications for things such as building permit applications, fitness center memberships, and fire department memberships. Paper-based applications will still be accepted as well, but this gives residents a new option.

The site's new BLOG will serve as our key way of getting updates out to our residents.

Residents will have the option to "SUBSCRIBE" to the site. This will allow you to receive newsletters and blog posts/updates straight to your emails if you wish. A printed copy of the newsletter will still be distributed like before, and updates on the town's Facebook Group will still be made.

Town Council & Staff

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